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    Standard Model Station Shirt and Pants


    The standard model station shirt and pants is a set of high quality, custom fit station wear that helps to keep your comfortable and safe all year long.

    Standard Model Station Shirt and Pants


    Compliant: NFPA 1975 Certified in Nomex.

    Custom Fit: Made to measure and order, custom-sized to the individual.

    Quality Construction: Made in Canada with extra stitching and reinforcements.

    Fabric Options: Choose from navy and black in which fabric you prefer.


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    Standard Model Station Shirt and Pants

    Shirt Description

    • Shoulder epaulets and permanent creases for crisp, professional look
    • Two chest pockets with flaps (hook & loop closure) and pen slot on left side
    • Double layer reinforced upper back yoke
    • Reinforcement placket and button closures
    • Shirt built in proportion to wearer’s height
    • Shoulder flashes/badges sewn on
    • Canadian flag sewn on above left chest pocket

    Pants Description

    • Two 1/8 top-sided pockets and two seat pockets with button closures
    • Permanent creases in front of legs for lasting, crisp, professional appearance
    • Heavy-duty brass zipper (with Nomex? tape) used for all garments made from FR material
    • Steel hook and bar waist closure
    • Size adjustment at back of waistband
    • Left side seat pocket with button closure

    Standard Model Station Shirt and Pants

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