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    LION University - Advanced Principles of Training

    What is LION University’s Advanced Principles of Training Program?

    LION University’s Advanced Principles of Training Program is specifically designed to educate attendees on the unique technical characteristics of the training products and the fire service industry. It helps graduates serve first responders with a consultative, and solution-based sales approach. Participants are awarded a graduation certificate to commemorate their successful completion of the program.


    Why Should I Take This Program?

    The Advanced Principles of Training Program provides training sales representatives with in-depth knowledge of LION products as well as an overview of competitor products. The interactive program includes classes and hands-on learning experiences demonstrating the state-of-the art manufacturing principles used in LION products. The curriculum is comprehensive and designed to challenge and engage participants.  Through industry-specific best practices, and marketing support, this program will equip LION dealer sales representatives to be more efficient and effective in the field.


    How will I benefit from attending?

    LION University is an investment in personal growth and development. It is an opportunity to learn about LION's training products from many of the LION's experts who played a key role in developing the innovations and products in your sales portfolio. The credibility and confidence you will gain will give you deeper levels of technical expertise. In addition, this specialized knowledge will increase customer loyalty and enhance the customer experience as you help solve customer problems based on a complete fire training product solution.


    How Do I Get Started?

    Here’s how to start down your path to success through LION University:




    • TBD

    * Dates are subject to change.




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