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    Freedom? Design

    Freedom? Elbow

    The Freedom Elbow enables you to bend your arm freely and comfortably while keeping your wrists protected. A football-shaped insert is set at the back of the elbow. When your arm flexes, the insert expands to eliminate tugging at the sleeve or shoulder.

    Freedom Elbow

    Bellowed Underarm Construction

    Underarm bellows keep your protective envelope intact by reducing hem rise and sleeve travel. Football-shaped bellows are located in the armpits of the coat between the shoulder seam and torso. When you reach forward or overhead, the bellows expand.

    Bellowed Underarm Construction

    Freedom? Knee

    The Freedom Knee enables a natural flexing motion. It provides a gusset that the knee can fall into when crawling, climbing, bending and kneeling.

    Freedom? Knee

    Radial Inseam and Banded Crotch

    The elimination of crotch seams reduces tension in the crotch area to give added comfort to your turnout gear and extend its life. Increased leg circumference also increases mobility.

    Radial Inseam and Banded Crotch

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