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    The Reliant turnout provides protection for firefighters during structural firefighting activities, while balancing comfort, safety, and value.


    Protection, Performance & Value

    Quality Protection: Extended back that covers you when bending and reaching.

    Comfort and Mobility: Ergonomic features like the Freedom elbow and bellow underarms help prevent hem rise and enhance mobility.

    Durable Construction: Reinforced high-wear and stress areas help extend the useful life of your gear.

    Thermal Protection That Lasts: Full coverage, lightweight protection.

    Protection, Performance & Value

    Features & Benefits Include

    How It Works

    Extended Back Design: Bellows under the arm and a extended rear hem make movement easy while helping your coat stay in place.

    Leather Reinforcements: Leather cuffs, kick shields, and knees for long-lasting wear.(other options available).

    Low-Rise Pant Waist: Increases comfort and fit of your turnout pants.

    Lite-N-Dri?: Water-resistant, foam padding adds thermal protection without weighing you down.

    How It Works

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